Creating The Smartest Bed

How we turned our dream into reality.

The Idea

At Mode we set out to create a superior bed. We know you do more in bed than sleep and so we wanted to create a bed built around lifestyle. We wanted a bed that could not only give you the perfect night sleep, but that you could use for living too.

Wish List

We carried out huge amounts of market research and put together a wish list. The bed had to be a dynamic space and take advantage of new technology, but still be great for sleeping.


Working with the Best

We needed to put together a dream team. We brought together a team with over 50 years combined industry experience, who have been at the forefront of bedroom innovation. A team ready to create the ultimate bed.

Tried and Tested

These things don’t just happen overnight and after endless research, multiple prototypes and extensive testing, we finally cracked it. A bed that has been engineered for you.

The Final Touch

Once we had perfected our bed we turned our attention to designing the mattress. The mattress needed to support your every move and contour perfectly to any position. Our memory foam mattress provides the ultimate mix of comfort and flexibility so that you can enjoy your bed in whatever mode you choose.

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