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Laura N.

2018-12-16 13:23:25

In trying this bed I have to admit I had high expectations - you don't buy a bed every day. I have to say, I am delighted! My old bed didn't come with gentle under lighting (useful at night), phone charging sockets on both sides (invaluable!) or the option to sit you up in the morning, without even having to roll over (magic!). I honestly didn't want to get up today. I enjoy elevating my feet after a long day, as well as being able to read in bed comfortably.


2018-10-26 14:06:45

I've had the mattress for two months and am very pleased with it. Having always stuck with the traditional pocket springs it was my bad back from long office hours that starting me looking for an alternative and I found the Mode Mattress and so pleased I did. Since I got the mattress my fitness tracker tells me I am less restless during the night and getting more REM sleep. However the best result is that I am waking up with a much better back and feeling more awake during the day.


2018-10-20 20:26:18

We bought this bed a few months ago and it's one of our favourite purchases and certainly well made and solid not like some of the other beds you see. We’re actually so used to using the bed to put ourselves in positions to suit what we’re doing (reading, working,sleeping) that we now miss it when we stay in a 'normal' bed. The mechanism is easy to use (I use the remote, my partner the iPhone app) and works smoothly. We wonder why this isn’t the norm! My partner and I sleep so much better now.


2018-08-05 10:27:28

Bought this bed as a present to ourselves and it was ready for delivery in the time allocated on the website but the company kindly stored it as we were in the process of updating our house. It was delivered very quickly when we were ready by two very helpful delivery men on a very hot July day. The bed frame itself was heavy but they coped and assembled the bed for us before leaving. This did take a little longer than we expected but we were delighted with the result in our newly decorated room. The bed itself is incredibly comfortable, we went for the 3' size mattresses and although they look and feel solid they are in fact light enough to manoeuvre to enable one of us to change the bedding. The USB ports means one less thing to plug in on the bedside table, and the underbed lighting looks great as a backdrop at night. The massage feature is yet another added bonus. All in all we are extremely happy with our purchase. A good investment for us.


2018-07-27 18:06:41

Love our new bed! It's Uber comfortable, we've been sleeping very well and it looks very stylish in our room too. We're currently away and looking forward to getting back to it.


2018-07-15 12:10:05

We have never looked forward to going to bed so much before. I have found that sleeping at a slight incline has also been helping my back. The bed and mattress are extremely comfortable and we've been sleeping very well.


2018-06-18 12:31:12

This bed is so comfortable. It took us about a week to get used to the mattress as we hadn't had a memory foam one before but now we find it really comfortable and we've been sleeping great. Being able to choose a position to read in at night and chill out with your feet up is lovely. We find the USB charging points really useful too! The ordering process was straightforward and we were kept informed until our bed was ready for delivery. When it was delivered the bed was assembled in our bedroom which was helpful.

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