Balancing Technology and Sleep

How you can sleep in harmony with your technology.

At Mode we love technology and we want you to get the best night’s sleep possible. There is definitely a place for technology in the bedroom, but you should be aware that certain types of tech can affect sleep quality.

There is plenty of technology out there that can enhance your sleep experience, such as beds that adjust your sleep position or have massage to help you relax, and also products like noise cancelling headphones or soothing eye masks.


However, there is also tech that can hinder you getting a great night’s sleep. The blue light emitted by mobile phone, tablets, computer and televisions can suppress the body’s production of melatonin, which is the hormone that controls your sleep/wake cycle, or circadian rhythm. Reduced melatonin levels make it harder for us to fall and stay asleep, yet in a recent survey the Sleep Council found that over 90% of people use some form of technology in the hour before bedtime.


Not only can blue light affect melatonin but using tech so close to bed means that the brain is more alert and doesn’t unwind suitably before sleep, not to mention the risk of disturbance in the night from texts or calls.

This doesn’t mean necessarily that you shouldn’t use this type of tech in the bedroom but you can look at how and when you use technology to help improve how you sleep.


Mode’s tips for living in harmony with tech in the bedroom:


  1. Give yourself at least 30 mins of tech free time away from your phone, computer or TV before going to sleep.
  2. Use a blue light filter app on your phone, or blue light filter glasses, to reduce the effect on your melatonin levels within 2 hours of going to bed.
  3. Make sure your tech is on silent at night so it doesn’t disturb you and try not to check your phone during the night.
  4. Use sleep enabling tech such as massage, white noise and ambience sounds, or heated eye masks to help you unwind. An adjustable bed can also help you sleep better by helping you find your most comfortable position so you feel optimum support.


Can a switch in the way you use technology improve your sleep?

We had our sleep tester Sarah Holland try applying Mode’s tips to see if it made a difference to her sleep quality. She said:

“I’m guilty of being a phone addict and I often look at social media or read articles right up to going to bed. I find it difficult to switch off and get to sleep which means I end up spending even longer on my phone! For 3 weeks I kept to Mode’s tips and used an ambient soundtrack to fall asleep to. I can honestly say I’m sleeping a lot better and waking less in the night. Who knew such small changes could make such a difference! “


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